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Just like any other part of your home, it's important for your roof to receive regular attention and maintenance to ensure its continued performance. You don't want minor roofing problems to turn into major ones, so investing your time and money in maintenance today can pay off tomorrow.


It's important to inspect your roof each spring and fall. If a storm hits, check your roof for any damage after the weather has passed by. Call the experts at Remodel America for a professional inspection of your roof every three to five years.

Maintaining the health of your roof

Leaves, pine needles, and fallen branches can wreak havoc on your roof. Using a leaf blower or a long rake can help you clean your roof without having to call for help. You should always avoid using a power washer, as the high pressure can damage shingles and tiles.


If you live in a heavily-wooded area, trim back branches to minimize debris, and clean gutters regularly so water can flow easily.


If you see any sort of leakage, don't let it go. Small leaks can turn into large ones. Call us today to identify the source of the leak and make the quick repairs so you can go back to living your life without having to worry about your roof.



Keep debris away and protect your roof

If you see moss growing on your roof, it could be a sign of decay. Chemical treatments are available to rid your roof of moss, and we can inspect it to make sure there are no structural issues.

If you need roof maintenance, call the experts today!


325 Route 35 North

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