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Domestic Hardwoods

Our line of domestic hardwoods includes, but is not limited to: Oak, Pine, Hickory, Walnut, and, Alder. Call for details and availability.


Exotic Hardwoods

Exotic woods have unique qualities that set them apart and will add a luxurious sensation to your home. Our most popular hardwoods that we import include: Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba), Australian Cypress, Bamboo, Cork, Brazilian Walnut, and Tigerwood (Koa). Other species available upon inquiry.


Engineered Floors

Engineered wood is produced with three to five layers of hardwood. Each layer is stacked in a cross-grain configuration and bonded together under heat and pressure. As a result, engineered wood flooring is less likely to be affected by changes in humidity and can be installed at all levels of the home.


Solid Wood Floors

Solid wood is milled from a single 3/4" thick piece of hardwood and is the most durable of the hardwood products. Because of its thickness, a solid hardwood floor can be sanded and refinished over several generations of use.


Floating Floors

Floating floors are extremely easy to maintain. Durable and cheaper than hardwoods, they will withstand time beautifully. It is also easy, should it be becessary after many years of wear, to repair or replace a floating floor since nothing is nailed or glued.

Top-of-the-line hardwood flooring options

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325 Route 35 North